Winter fitness regimen

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My fitness regime isn’t something I generally talk about, but it’s been coming up in conversation a lot lately, so I thought I’d write something here for posterity.

I have a general workout, which I try to do 3-4 times a week – I find it takes less than an hour and so I can quite feasibility work it in 3 to 4 times a week.

I essentially do 3 “circuits” of the following, with a 5 minute break between:

  • Using light (10kg) dumbbells
    • 60× arm curls with (I switch between 3 different variations)
    • 12× front lifts with
    • 12× shoulder presses
  • 60× raised leg sit-ups (I add a twist for 20 of these)
  • 30× push ups
  • 30× curls with the triceps bar (25kg)
  • 30× ab rolls
  • Using a 35kg resistance band:
    • 12× concentrated arm curls on each arm
    • 12× shoulder shrugs
    • 12× conventional band curls
  • Using heavier dumbbells (15kg)
    • 15× goblet squats
    • 6× swings per arm
    • 20× hammer curls
  • 30× toe touches

This workout suits me because it doesn’t require a lot of space, equipment, or time – but, along with eating reasonably well, it does keep me in “6 pack” condition.

I’ve also added a few new things recently:

  • Weekly boxing sessions with a PT
  • Ad hoc shadow boxing
  • 8-10 miles walking with the dog each day, wearing a 10kg weight vest.

I’ve not really been bouldering lately, but would really like to get back into the habit of doing so at least once a week – to re-engage all the obscure muscles that only climbing can trigger.

If time permits, I’m hoping to add an additional weekly wrestling session with my PT soon too.